Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
breeder vizsla texas
Vizsla Brid Dog
Hungarian Vizsla Breeder Oklahoma

Cooper's Redneck Kennel is a Texas based breeder of quality Hungarian Vizslas east of Dallas / Fort Worth dedicated to supporting and promoting the Vizsla as a High Class Bird Dog through selectively breeding only dogs that demonstrate the natural abilities of the original Vizslas imported to the US in the early 50’s and bred in Hungary for a thousand years prior to that. We also evaluate and select our breeding stock based on their conformation and temperament as described in the AKC Breed Standard. View our Hungarian Vizsla puppies for sale.

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Thank you for visiting Coopers Redneck Kennel. We are a Dallas/Fort Worth based breeder located in Longview Texas. We are a show quality breeder that keeps all of our Studs, Ladies and puppies in our home at all times. We are always looking to compete with our next champion at hunging competitions in the Texas, Oklahoma and Lousiana area. Our Vizslas are bred for good temperament, size, marking and structure. Our goal is to breed the highest quality Vizsla for your home.

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Learn how to buy a Vizsla. Purchasing a Vizsla from The Coopers Redneck Kennel is easy!

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Finding a trustworty Vizsla breeder is not easy. The Coopers Redneck Kennel breeds only Champion blood line puppies with quality tempermant and solid health. Our puppies come from champion lines that have a proven track record free of congenital and genetic heart, eyes and patella knee defects. If you do not purchase from a show breeder you may be getting a puppy with a much higher probability of genetic defects or a tempermant not congruous to the loving dispositions that Vizslas are known for.

About Hungarian Vizslas

Learn about Vizslas! Learn about their history, tempermants, habits, looks and the AKC breed standard.

Hungarian Vizsla

If you want to buy a Vizsla in Texas, Oklahoma or Lousiana you have found the right breeder! We also ship Vizsla puppies all over the United States! Please contact us if you have any questions about our Vizsla puppies for sale!

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