Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
Vizsla Breeder Texas Oklahoma
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Ray and Cooper’s Redneck Kennels is an absolute first class operation and I absolutely could not be more impressed with our puppy and our experience with Ray.

We were looking for a family dog that would hunt intermittently and I think Ray hit the nail right on the head when he picked out Scarlet for us. She has an amazing off switch and loves to cuddle up on the couch with us and the kids. She also has an impressive motor and incredible intellect that is readily apparent in our training sessions, even at 10 weeks. Scarlet picks up on new commands and expectations incredibly quickly and she was pointing a pheasant wing on a string within her first 30 seconds of ever seeing or smelling a wing, at 10 weeks old.

Please feel free to ask Ray for my phone number or email address and I would be more than happy to discuss further.

First class all the way around! Thank you Ray!
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I can not say enough good things about Redneck Vizslas. The first time I called I spoke with Ray about getting a puppy, he was very kind and answered all of my questions about the breed and about his kennel. Through the years Ray has always been available if I needed anything and he has a genuine interest in how our dog is doing.

Lola (3yrs old) is a beautiful dog with a great personality. She has been the perfect addition to our family. Lola is a velcro dog for sure!! She is always with us wanting to snuggle or see what we are up to. She is very smart and the most obedient dog that I’ve ever owned ( after some good training). She is full of energy and is always up for playing ball or going for a swim. I'm amazed by her natural instinct to point. She is not a hunter but she wishes she was.

Thank you Ray for your care in breeding such exceptional dogs. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. - Lisa Caughran
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At a young age, my dad introduced to me upland hunting. I grew up with English Pointers and loved hunting behind a bird dog. I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2014 and I wanted to get a bird dog of my own. My dad kept telling me how much he likes Vizslas and that I should look into that breed as my next bird dog.

In 2015, a friend introduced me to Mr. Cooper. Mr. Cooper told me that he specifically breeds Vizslas for hunting. He would say that a Vizsla has much more personality than other bird dogs (he was right!) and that Vizslas draw a very close bond to their owner. After one call with Mr. Cooper, I was sold that my next pup would be a Redneck Vizsla. A couple of weeks after getting Luke, I felt I made a mistake getting a puppy. I called Mr. Cooper constantly asking for his advice and help with this pup. Mr. Cooper took every phone call and always calmed me down.

Right now, Luke is 3.5 years old and he is the best dog I’ve ever owned. Luke is a stud in the field and a cuddle bug at the house. Mr. Cooper truly breeds the most versatile bird dogs I’ve ever seen. Luke and I have hunted bobwhite quail and dove in Texas, pheasants in South Dakota, sage grouse and huns in Wyoming, and scaled quail in New Mexico. Luke and I have created so many memories together and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with a Redneck Vizsla. I truly appreciate everything Mr. Cooper has done for me.

Beau Brundrett and Luke
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I got my first Vizsla from Ray in 2014, and when he told me about the one problem with his dogs, I’m afraid he was absolutely right.  He told me, “Once you have one of my pups, you will never want to be without one.”  

Almost 5 years later, Attis continues to surprise and impress me.  From the first day he was home, he was enamored with birds and watching them as they flew in and out of the backyard.  At bird school (he only went once and is still sharp as a tack) the trainer immediately pointed to several attributes which she said would contribute to him as a bird dog, including his confidence, build, and size.  We have successfully hunted pheasant, chukar, quail & dove, with the dove hunting and retrieving being an added bonus.  He also does great with other dogs in the field, always giving rise to questions and compliments by other dog owners about him due to his workhorse mentality/capability and physical stature.  When the guns are out he is 100% business, but once the hunting is done, he is incredibly affectionate and usually just wants to be part of whatever is going on.

I could go on and on, but one of the things I have truly appreciated about working with Ray is that not only does he know the breed in general, he knows his Vizslas incredibly well.  This was tremendously helpful in the training process as I often contacted Ray asking about how to best work with Attis.  It’s been a great experience all the way around and the words above really don’t encompass the full scope of the wonderful experience I’ve had.  

Thank you Ray!

Robert & Attis
Midland, TX 2018
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My wife and I were introduced to the Vizsla breed by Gary Jagoda, a well known
breeder and trainer. Gary assisted us with our first vizsla puppy acquisition
20 years ago. Our pup became a cherished member of the family for over 15 years.

Gary had passed suddenly, and when we knew our Vizsla was on borrowed time
we knew life would not be the same without a Vizsla. Through the National Vizsla
Association magazine I contacted then president, Ray Cooper. I shared our Vizsla
story with Ray and the pending death of our beloved Tashia. He boldly promised
that he would have a pup when needed. A day after our Tashia passed our
new pup, Bella was born.

Two months later we flew from Alaska to Texas, spent some quality time with Ray
and brought our new pup home. Bella has been all we could hope for in a Vizsla.
Although I no longer hunt, she thrives in the field, ranging far in search of shore
birds but never losing site of where we are and always “checking in” to make that
physical contact.

My wife decided that Bella needed a playmate, so a call was made to Ray last
spring (Bella had turned 5) and I flew to Texas in September to secure our new pup,
Genny, and flew back to the Glacier Bay area. Our “girls” are now a Vizsla
sisterhood, playfully engaged, going through the dominance-submission dance
and loving their time running the beach, tidal and woodlands of our small
town. What a joy they are, roaming our land keeping the moose, bear, etc.
away from the household.

We are forever indebted to Gary and Ray for bringing Vizslas in to our lives.

Larry and Denise Knickerbocker
Gustavus, Alaska
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Quail Forever member Brad Fitzgerald grew up with duck hunting retrievers, but his first quail hunt at the age of 13 hooked him on the upland sport. When he graduated college last year, he saved the gift money from his grad party and set out to get himself his first bird dog, a pointing breed.

“My dad told me that Vizslas were not very good hunting dogs and that I should get a German shorthaired pointer, but I was set on the Vizsla,” Brad said, “Begrudgingly, my dad asked around and found Ray Cooper of Cooper’s Redneck Vizslas. I was told he was one of the best Vizsla breeders in the nation but was located in Longview, Texas…a long way from Missouri. It was a hot summer and the pup could not be shipped. My best friend, Sam, made the 10-hour ride with me to pick him up.”

Now 18-months old, Redneck Dash to the Finish, or “Dash” for short, has had more than 200 birds shot over him, has achieved his Junior Hunter title and is working for his Senior Hunter title.

“Making the trip to Texas for my first bird dog was one of the best decisions of my life. Dash sleeps in bed with me every night, I hunt with him every weekend of the season and Sam is almost always with us. Last weekend we brought Sam’s little brother, Wyatt, along and judging from his reaction to shooting his first quail, he will be a bird hunter for life.”

As for Brad’s dad, Dash’s success has him rethinking the Vizsla. “My dad has made a complete 180 and will be getting a Vizsla of his own soon.”
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I thought I would send you a picture of our little darling! She was whelped on February 9, 2011. I cannot tell you how much pleasure and joy we have received with this sweet girl. What a wonderful disposition, smart mind and easy going manner she has and her face has melted many a heart from Dallas and beyond. She is such a good traveler and companion to our other little girl, Bree. I thought you might enjoy seeing how beautiful she has turned out to be!
Thank you!
Lisa and Ed Pratt
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